Friday, June 02, 2006

Create realistic ice effect in photoshop

Learn How to create realistic ice effect with this photoshop tutorial

Aplly a Stroke effect with the size of 1 px, Position set to Inside and Color set to #28a6ff.Aplly Color Overlay style, with the Opacity set to 75% and color set to #abc2e4.Apply a Bevel and Emboss style, leave all the settings default except your Gloss Contour which should change to Ring and your Shadow mode color which should be set to #3d5286.Add a Contour style and set your range to 100%, Contour to Cone and check Anti-aliased.Add Texture, with the Pattern set to Wood and Scale set to 63%.Apply a Satin style, but change your Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity to 100% and color to #a6d5f5.Add a Inner Glow, with the color changed to #2b81d9.Add a Outer Glow, with the color changed to #7dd9ff and the Opacity set to 15%.Add a Inner Shadow effect, with the color changed to #484a70.
Add a Drop Shadow style, with the color set to #1b2a6a, Opacity to 40%. Uncheck Use Global Light and set your Angle to -45 degrees, Distance to 65 px, Spread 5% and Size 100 px.Now you have an ice effect that can be easily modified and apllied to any other object you want.I always try to take my photoshop tutorials a little futher and see what else can I come up with if I am continuously improving an image. Here is what I come up with for this tutorial after adding a few other effects:
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